Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 Women ~ 60 Miles ~ 3 Days ~ DONE

We made it.  Slightly bruised and blistered, but each with all 10 toes intact, and completely inspired and awed by the experience.

Once we decompress and process things a little better, there will be tons of stories and photos to share.  So bookmark this page.  :-)  A few photos have been uploaded to our team Facebook page, and more are coming.

We're also sharing photos and stories from the event this Sunday at Hillcrest United Methodist Church in Nashville.  .  Come see us at 9:45am in Fellowship Hall ~ and we'd love for you to stay for 11am church service.

The Washington D.C. 3-Day involved 2,000 walkers, several hundred crew members, and raised $5.3 million dollars for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  And that number will only go up.  We still have 30 days to take donations -- if you haven't yet, please contribute online to one of our team members.

We haven't picked a city for next year yet, but you better believe that Music City Spirit will continue to walk until there's no longer a reason to walk, to wear pink, or to fight for a Cure... because they'll have found one.

Because EVERYONE Deserves A Lifetime!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We leave for D.C. in 33 hours... at this moment, ALL team members have met our $2300 fundraising minimum, and counting checks that haven't posted yet, we're well over $11,000 raised in the fight against breast cancer.

Even more important, we've been touched to the core by the stories people have shared and the generous spirit that has lead people to open their hearts, their checkbooks, and their businesses to us.

Now we can fully focus on the event itself!  The journey of a lifetime is well underway... watch facebook.com/MusicCitySpirit for photos and status updates from Washington D.C.

Joyce, Julie, Annette & Bridget

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open Letter to Our Hillcrest UMC Family

Dear Hillcrest Family ~

Next Thursday, we leave for Washington D.C., where we are participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure ~ an event staged at 15 cities across the U.S. this year. We walk 20 miles a day, 3 days in a row, sleeping in tents at night and showering in a truck. And we can’t wait!

The decision to join the biggest and boldest event in the fight against breast cancer was made here at Hillcrest, on the Sunday morning of Discovery Weekend. Since then, we have logged hundreds of training miles, and raised over $10,000 in the fight against breast cancer. All working toward next weekend’s big event.

If you’d like to write a note of encouragement and support that we can read in camp at night, there is a mailbox in the welcome center. Leave them there by Wednesday, and Gary and Delaynie will deliver them to us next weekend.

Since beginning this journey we’ve heard dozens of stories of women who have battled this disease. We’re carrying a ribbon boa to D.C. honoring the names of the survivors and the memory of the angels who lost the fight. We’d be honored to carry a name for you, just let a team member know, or email JMRizer@aol.com.

Other ways you can support our team:

1. Pray! For strength, good spirits, & good weather.

2. Like our Facebook page ~ facebook.com/MusicCitySpirit Updates from the event will be posted there throughout the weekend

3. Wear pink to church next Sunday, so we can be there in Spirit!

Annette Donahey, Bridget Worden, Joyce Rizer & Julie Austin

Haven’t donated yet? Click Here to contribute to our team!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We've Got Mail!

At least, we will if you'll write to us.  How cool is this, they set up a Post Office at Camp!  At the end of a 20 mile day, we'd love to get some snail mail love from you!

Letters only, no packages, no matter how badly we'll need coffee, chocolate and Diet Mt. Dew. Postmarked by September 28th.

3-Day for the Cure
P.O. Box 386
Gore, VA 22637
Joyce Rizer
Julie Austin
Bridget Worden
Annette Donahey

Friday, September 17, 2010

They Played in Peoria

Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast CancerI wanted to start a little blog for notes as I read through this book ~ the story of how Susan G. Komen For the Cure became a global movement to end breast cancer.  It's been a challenging week following last weekend's 18/15 training walk (that's miles y'all) as I get ready for the SGK 3-Day for the Cure in Washington D.C. in a few weeks.

So after yet another ridiculously long Friday at the office, I came home to find the package from Amazon on my kitchen island, and promptly decided that I needed a bubble bath.  I intended to read the first chapter or two.

I read five.

As you know from reading one of my early blog posts, Susan Goodman (or Suzy, as she was known) was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois.  I grew up 20 miles west of there.  Peoria was "the big city" we'd go to when we needed a mall or a movie theatre.  So some things in the story that don't mean anything to most readers, catch my attention.  For instance ~

Page 11.  The Goodman sisters did a bake sale to raise money to eradicate polio.  They delivered their money to St. Francis Hospital.  I was born there.

You probably know by now that Susan G. Komen For the Cure was founded by Suzy's sister Nancy.  And reading this book I've learned that their philanthropic spirit was in their blood right alongside the family history of breast cancer.

Pages 22-23.  Mrs. Goodman helped bring Girl Scouting to Peoria.  As the mother of two daughters, she was annoyed that the Boys had Scouts and her Girls didn't.  It talks about Mrs. G. establishing Camp Tapawingo.    I can't tell you how many summer camps I went to there.  And yes, I can still sing the song.

Random other thing I didn't know before reading this book ~ The Goodman family was Jewish.

In between the chapters of the book are subchapters... grey pages of extended footnotes and sidebars that tell a story themselves.  A history of how far we've come.  Difficult reads, yet important.  Probably not as difficult as the pages of the story themselves yet to come.  Before even opening the box that delivered the book, I knew Susan's story didn't have a happy ending.

I had to stop for the night at the end of Chapter 5.  They started talking about the 3-Day, and it overwhelmed me.  In 22 days I'll be doing my first 3-Day event.  Although I've trained as much as I can find the time and strength to train, I don't remotely feel ready for it. I'm stressed by things out of my control and I don't have time to get it all under control.

I do know however, that the event itself will change my life.  It already has.
~ J.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After Walking 20 Miles A Day...

Things we won't have in camp during the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure 
(We did mention we're sleeping in tents on the ground, right?)

- A bubble bath 
- Our family there to wait on us hand and (especially!) foot
- Flushing toilets
- Diet Mt. Dew on the rocks
- Comfortable beds, warm blankets or fluffy pillows

What we WILL have in camp during the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure:
- Snail Mail!

At least.. if you write to us.  No packages or big envelopes, just notes of encouragement, funny jokes, a silly card, or a drawing from one of our favorite munchkins.

3-Day for the Cure
ATTN: (Our Name Here)
P.O. Box 386

Gore, VA 22637

** Must be postmarked by September 28th!**
Thanks in advance!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Crop For The Cure ~ A Success!

Thanks To Everyone For Coming Out
And Special Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors!
We raised over $1200!

Dinner provided by Stroud's Barbeque
 Ice Cream from The Pied Piper Creamery - East Nashville & Now in Berry Hill!

$1 a Minute Massages from Three Degrees Massage Therapy in Nolensville!

Goodie Bag / Auction Donors
Arbonne ~ Donna Barker
Avon ~ Dianne Kantorik
Cookie Lee Jewlery ~ Julia Hinkle
Creative Memories ~ Jennie Stockard
Embroidery & Gifts by KK ~ Kendra McGee
Homemade Gourmet ~ LeAnn Bauer
Pampered Chef ~ Joyce Rizer
Sassy Scrapper
Spot On Graphix ~ Dianne Kantorik
Stampin' Up ~ Stefen Brock
Thirty-one ~ Robin Dyer
Tupperware ~ Lissa Morton

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check Out Our New Banner From Goin' Postal Brentwood!

One of the blessings of this 3-Day adventure is realizing how many kind hearted people and business owners are out there willing to support our cause.  The beautiful graphic you see above is a six foot banner, donated to us by Goin' Postal Brentwood.

I know, you're thinking, "A postal service does banners?"  Yes they do!  Better yet, they do them completely stress and hassle free.  I sent our graphic to them, and their design guy had it turned around within 24 hours.  What a great team to work with! 

Now obviously, a place with a rockin' name like "Goin' Postal" is first and foremost a shipping service.  One of the cool things I just learned was that you can take your box in there to be shipped, they put it on their magic scale, and they can tell you which carrier will send it cheapest.  And, they have longer hours than the post office.

They can pack and ship, they can send faxes, copy, and laminate.  They have a mailbox service if you need a "business" address, and they sell fun shipping supplies like birthday themed padded envelopes.  Jim, the owner, is most likely going to be the friendly face you see behind the counter when you go in.  He's also dedicated space in his store for community and local business information, so be sure to allow some "browsing" time when you go in.

Goin' Postal Brentwood is located in the Kroger Shopping Center on Nolensville Road at Concord.  Or as it's known at Joyce's house - the Carrie Underwood Kroger.   Stop in and tell Jim hello ~ and thank him for supporting Music City Spirit!  And look for our awesome banner at events around town!

Goin' Postal Brentwood
6688 Nolensville Rd, Suite 111,
Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: 615-283-3528
Fax: 615-283-3529

Hours: 9:00 till 6:30 M - F
9:00 till 3:00 Saturday

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our New Best Friend and The Enemy


94 days to go.  93 days until we get on a plane to Baltimore.  That's like... a week less than 100.  Which means the walk is getting closer and closer.  So much to do it's overwhelming.  Not overwhelming like staring down a radiation session... insurance battles... watching your hair fall out from chemo.  Just a lot to do.  As long as we keep it in perspective, it will all be ok.

As we've discussed, there are two components to this event.  Walking.  And raising money.

Walking isn't the overwhelming part really.  It's just one foot in front of another.  For miles and miles and miles.  Julie has a scientifically unproven theory that walking is made easier by cute shoes.  It can't hurt.  She walks in her Tabbie shoes in honor of her and Annette's mom.

Our training is up to 10 miles on Saturday mornings.  One thing we're learning is that we all walk at different paces, and with different accessories.  Annette can do 10 miles and never take a sip of water.  Bridget carries her water bottle in her hand.  Joyce has to have her water ice cold and Bridget likes it room temperature.  Julie and Annette would do five miles an hour if Joyce wasn't quite certain she'd die at that pace. Bridget's the shortest, and she takes 3 steps for every 2 Julie and Joyce take. 

Shade has become our new best friend.  I mean come on... if we'd wanted to walk in this kind of weather we'd have signed up for a July walk.  By October, things should be much more manageable.  There are a lot of miles between here and fall, so for now, we love shade.  Our favorite routes involve parking at the Brentwood YMCA and not coming back to the parking lot until we've met our goal.  This plan has a couple of hidden benefits.  Our friends Jeff and Jennie live at the perfect 4 mile water stop.  And Joyce has been known to sneak off into the Y's hot tub after a long walk.  But most of all, there's lots of shade.

Time seems to be the enemy.  We never have enough of it.  Especially with summer travel and vacations in the way.  All the activities that tick off the hours on the clock, and before you know it, another day, week, month has gone by, and the To Do List is getting longer and the walk is getting closer.

The enemy is working against us on fundraising.  Each walker has to raise a minimum of $2300 in order to participate.  We're over half way there, but that's still a long way to go.  Pretty soon we'll post all the details on our Crop for the Cure.  Now just in case, like one of our team mates, you think that somehow involves a farmer's market, let me just tell you it's a scrapbooking event.  And it's gonna be awesome.

Mark your calendar for Saturday August 7th and watch this space as we continue to battle the enemy and find more best friends.

Because EVERYONE Deserves a Lifetime!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes, I'm really bald...

Day 3 of Joyce being bald:  I've discovered that not having hair is very freeing.  Shorter showers, less clutter on the bathroom counter, one less towel in the laundry pile.  Of course, the difference is that I CHOSE to be bald.  Chemo patients don't have a choice.  Breast cancer survivors don't have a choice.  You don't take a survey and check a box:  Cancer?  Yes.  With or Without Hair Loss?  With?  Ok great.  Move down to waiting room #3.

Here are some photos from the great head shaving adventure, which took place in my brother's garage.   And then by all means, grab some popcorn and settle in to watch the video.  That's where the real entertainment value is!   Razors, clippers, scissors, and lots and lots of hair on the garage floor.

What you won't see on video is when both of my brothers - separately - chickened out and told me they'd give me the money and I didn't have to go through with it.  And let's not even talk about my dad.  But here's the thing. Taking the money and keeping the hair wouldn't have given me any publicity.  And make no mistake -- this is ALL about raising awareness for the cause and funds for Susan G. Komen.

(By the way, the other baldy in the picture is my hubby Gary.)

So if you haven't yet donated to my walk, please click the link below and make a tax deductible donation.  I shaved my head people!  All you have to do is click!  And then do me a favor and send a link from this page to all your friends.  Tell them to check out the crazy bald mom in Nashville who believes that her children and grandchildren can grow up in a world without breast cancer. 

We walk for the future.  Theirs.  Ours.  Yours.

Joyce's 3-Day Page

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Going Bald for the Cure ~ May 8, 2010

Funny how one funny little comment can completely change your world.  Oh the power of Facebook.  Watch the video for the full story on how Joyce ended up bald.

Thanks to the great Head Shaving Adventure of 2010, I met my $2300 minimum fundraising requirement -- and then some!!!!!  In 2011 I don't have a head to shave, so please help me out by donating here:  the3day.org/goto/joycerizer

Almost done, but I don't know why someone didn't tell me that washcloth looked goofy on my head. Have you visited the3day.org/goto/JoyceRizer yet?

Come on people -- that kind of entertainment is priceless! 
Every dollar is a step closer to a world without breast cancer.

Everyone Deserves A Lifetime!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Training has OFFICIALLY Begun!

There are two major elements to participating in the Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure:

1)  Fundraising
2)  Training

Each walker has to raise $2,300 in order to participate.  So please, if you can, click one of the team members links to the right and donate.  Even a $5 donation helps!

There is a 24 week Training Schedule put out by the 3-Day organizers which is designed to make sure you are READY for this adventure.  And today ~ April 26 ~ officially kicks off our 24 Week Training.  And it starts with a day of rest -- I like that!  Since our long walks are scheduled on Sat / Sun, we get Mondays off each week.  I can see that Mondays are going to become my favorite day of the week.

On tap for Week 1:
Mon - Rest
Tue - 3 Miles Walk Easy
Wed - Rest
Thu - 3 Miles Walk Moderate
Fri - 30 minutes Cross Training Easy
Sat - 3 Miles Walk Easy
Sun - 3 Miles Walk Easy

Here we go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Team Fundraiser!

Update ~ We earned $252 last night, which raises the thermometer to 43% of our team minimum needed.  If you're new to this blog, each walker has to raise a minimum of $2300 to participate in the Komen 3-Day.  That total was a little lower than our Youth Group usually brings in on a Saturday night, but we'll take it ~ every dollar puts us a step closer to the Cure! 
  A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered for us!  Clearly the three of us couldn't have handled that big audience on our own. 

Tonight, Bridget, Julie & Joyce are doing our first team fundraiser at the Fifty Forward Dinner Theatre in Donelson.  We're volunteering as table waiters -- and we get to keep the tips for our 3-Day Walk!  The show is The Titanic, and it's really good.

We have a BUNCH of volunteers coming out to help us, since obviously the three of us can't do it all alone!  We'll be back with pictures and a full report later tonight.  Be thinking good thoughts that we raise a lot of money for our fundraising minimum!

Currently we're at 41% of the minimum $9,200 needed for the four of us to participate in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  We're on our way!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Going Green Makes Green For The Pink!

Here's a totally free way you can help us raise money for our 3-Day walk.  Save us your used printer cartridges!  We've signed up with a recycling program that pays anywhere from 40 cents to a couple of dollars for each printer cartridge we recycle.  Inkjet AND Laser Jet.  How easy is that?

We can get you a collection bucket and flyer for your office!

The only real rule is that it can't have been refurbished already.  Bring your old cartridges to a Music City Spirit member or Hillcrest United Methodist Church in Nashville.

~ WOO HOOO! Thanks to our friend Debbie for the big bag of cartridges!
~ Lots of Spirit for The Frist Clinic who gave Julie two boxes of cartridges!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet the Team ~ Joyce

Each team member will be profiled here. Up first, team captain Joyce Rizer. Joyce is a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a Pampered Chef consultant and the Executive Producer for Sirius XM Radio's Nashville operations. This is how her 3-Day journey began.

Susan G. Komen was from my neck of the woods ~ Peoria, IL. When “Suzy” died in 1980, her sister Nancy promised her that she would do everything in her power to eradicate breast cancer. How many times have I told someone I’d do “anything I can” for them? I feel pretty small and insignificant when I think of how Nancy’s promise has turned into Komen for the Cure. $1.5 billion – that’s a “b” – later, every significant advance in the fight against breast cancer has been touched by a Komen grant.

I first heard about the Breast Cancer 3-day Walks three or so years ago when I read an interview or news story somewhere on Trisha Yearwood. She walked the Chicago walk in 2007. Then Boston in 2008, and San Francisco in 2009. She talked about it when I produced an album premiere special for Heaven, Heartache & The Power of Love. How much support there was during the walk, how women would honk and wave and cheer. How survivors would thank her for walking for them. Sounded pretty cool – but way out of my league.

I heard Garth talk about it when he released a pink edition of The Ultimate Hits that benefited Komen. On the album premiere I produced for that project, he talked about watching these women train, and he said that he wanted to do a pink edition so that he could be as cool as his wife. I walked through the big pink truck outside his concerts in Kansas City. But that was as much thought as I’d give to walking. At least for a while.

Last year I walked the Race For The Cure in “Susie’s” hometown with my mom, two sisters-in-law, and my daughter. It was Mother’s Day weekend. My husband ran the same Race – and later the Middle TN Race for The Cure in October. After the Peoria race I started poking around looking at the 3-Day website. No walk in Nashville. So you know… it was pretty easy to say “well I can’t do that.” Because there’s a lot involved. Like a fund raising commitment of $2,300. And a Thursday-Friday- Monday off work, because I’d have to travel to wherever I was going. And I certainly couldn’t do it alone, and really didn’t know who I could get to do it with me.

Then last year, a couple of things happened. My husband started really getting into running. Actually, the Peoria Race For The Cure was his first run… and he was doing one a month after that. I saw the difference that his training and dedication was making in his health, and his overall focus. His long term goal was to do a half marathon. For Christmas, I registered him in the Country Music Half Marathon, which he'll run April 24th. He’s right on track with his training, and I’m SO proud of him. I was also kind of jealous that he had something so cool to be working towards.

Facebook is a funny thing. Even though I’d read about and researched the 3-day Walks, I hadn’t really experienced one. But last fall, my friend Mandy was part of a team that did the 3-day in San Francisco. Mandy is a cancer survivor herself (and an award winning Record Label chick!). She is an amazing human being, and she inspires me to want to do better things with my life. And thanks to modern technology, I felt like I was right there cheering her and her team on as she walked up those San Francisco hills. Photos and status updates and a virtual cheering section wrapped me up in the experience, and I saw just how incredibly cool the event really was. Not that I thought Garth was lying to me… but…a picture’s worth a thousand words, you know?

At that point… I was hooked. I knew I wanted to do a walk; the key was going to be finding some people here in Nashville to do it with me. The thing about this adventure is you’re going to be spending a LOT of time training and preparing, so you want to find fun women to hang out with. So I targeted a couple of cool women who fit that description. My friend Julie was in for sure, and her sister Annette was too. The hardest decision was what city we’d want to walk through.

I talked to Mandy about the experience, and got some words of wisdom, like avoiding crazy hot cities in the summer, picking somewhere scenic, and avoiding really hilly areas for your first walk. So after much back and forth about dates and school schedules, the first Sunday in March Julie and I sat at a table at church with our husbands and made it official – Washington D.C. October 8-10!!!!

The timing was really quite perfect too (as God’s plans tend to be) because later that day we’d be seeing our friend Bridget, who I really hoped would be my tent buddy for the walk. Because let’s face it, there’s a very selfish component of “girlfriend” time involved in this training. Lucky for me, she was on board! Neither Bridget nor Julie have been to D.C. before, so they are LONG overdue for a trip to our nation’s capital! WOOO HOO – we have a team!!!

There's a LOT of fund raising in my future ~ in addition to the $2300 fund raising requirement for the event, there’s a plane ticket and a hotel room and shoes. It all starts with these very first steps of training and organizing. There’s a LOT of miles between here and the 60 we’ll log in D.C. As much as I’m looking forward to the adventure, I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

Unlike so many who do the 3-Day, I haven't been personally affected by this disease. Yet. 1 in 8 women get it.  I have a daughter, and a daughter-in-law and a grandbaby on the way.  Did you know that men get it too?  The reason I walk isn't about the past, it's about the future. Theirs. Mine. Yours.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Team Meeting #1

We had our first Team Meeting tonight - This is going to be SO much fun!

Some things we accomplished tonight:
- Scheduled a weekly team walk
- Brainstormed fundraising ideas
- Sampled a new trifle recipe

All in all, a great success I think! Can't wait to get started... $9,200 is a LOT of money to raise!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Three Day Walk

The first question everyone asks is "How far do you walk?"

The answer is "60 Miles."

The next question everyone ask is "Are you crazy?!?"

That answer is yet to be determined...

We are Daughters, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Friends and Neighbors. We are four women in Nashville, working towards completing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk For The Cure in Washington D.C. this October.

There are a lot of miles between the chair we sat in at the computer to register and the 60 we'll walk in our nation's capitol. This is our journey.

~ Annette, Bridget, Joyce & Julie