Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We leave for D.C. in 33 hours... at this moment, ALL team members have met our $2300 fundraising minimum, and counting checks that haven't posted yet, we're well over $11,000 raised in the fight against breast cancer.

Even more important, we've been touched to the core by the stories people have shared and the generous spirit that has lead people to open their hearts, their checkbooks, and their businesses to us.

Now we can fully focus on the event itself!  The journey of a lifetime is well underway... watch facebook.com/MusicCitySpirit for photos and status updates from Washington D.C.

Joyce, Julie, Annette & Bridget

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  1. I wish you good luck, dry weather, no blisters, lots of fun, good nights, bright days and strength. Great that you are doing this!

    There is a lot of breast cancer in my family and I know what it can do to persons/families. Thank you for helping in finding a cure!