Monday, March 22, 2010

Going Green Makes Green For The Pink!

Here's a totally free way you can help us raise money for our 3-Day walk.  Save us your used printer cartridges!  We've signed up with a recycling program that pays anywhere from 40 cents to a couple of dollars for each printer cartridge we recycle.  Inkjet AND Laser Jet.  How easy is that?

We can get you a collection bucket and flyer for your office!

The only real rule is that it can't have been refurbished already.  Bring your old cartridges to a Music City Spirit member or Hillcrest United Methodist Church in Nashville.

~ WOO HOOO! Thanks to our friend Debbie for the big bag of cartridges!
~ Lots of Spirit for The Frist Clinic who gave Julie two boxes of cartridges!

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