Monday, April 26, 2010

Training has OFFICIALLY Begun!

There are two major elements to participating in the Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure:

1)  Fundraising
2)  Training

Each walker has to raise $2,300 in order to participate.  So please, if you can, click one of the team members links to the right and donate.  Even a $5 donation helps!

There is a 24 week Training Schedule put out by the 3-Day organizers which is designed to make sure you are READY for this adventure.  And today ~ April 26 ~ officially kicks off our 24 Week Training.  And it starts with a day of rest -- I like that!  Since our long walks are scheduled on Sat / Sun, we get Mondays off each week.  I can see that Mondays are going to become my favorite day of the week.

On tap for Week 1:
Mon - Rest
Tue - 3 Miles Walk Easy
Wed - Rest
Thu - 3 Miles Walk Moderate
Fri - 30 minutes Cross Training Easy
Sat - 3 Miles Walk Easy
Sun - 3 Miles Walk Easy

Here we go!

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