Monday, May 9, 2011

24 Weeks To Go!

Today starts our 24 Week Training Program!  No more "Pre-Training" -- it's time to get SERIOUS about this walk.  How serious?

We walk 4 days a week.  We cross-train 2.  And we rest 1.

Our first week we will walk 12 miles.  Our last week we will walk 65.  Before you begin training, you need to be able to walk 3 miles in an hour.  I think we all can do that.  SO -- here's what our first week looks like:  (We don't add the second day of cross-training until Week #5)

Mon:   REST
Tues:   3 miles
Wed:   REST
Thurs:  3 Miles
Fri:      30 min XTrain Easy
Sat:      3 Miles
Sun:     3 Miles

Here we go!

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